YOHO: You Only Hang Once

Created by Richard Wolfrik Galland

Welcome to our pre-order store where you can still order the Kickstarter rewards for YOHO, including the limited-edition play mats and beaker.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Caesar and Ned have joined the crew!
2 months ago – Mon, Nov 15, 2021 at 08:27:38 AM


The limited edition pirate cards have just arrived from DriveThru (USA) and they look fearsome!

Thanks to all of you who have completed your Backerkit survey. If you haven't done so yet, please look lively as orders will be locked in 7 days time and your reward may be severely delayed.

BackerKit Pledge Manager for YOHO: You Only Hang Once


BackerKit Surveys
3 months ago – Mon, Nov 08, 2021 at 03:52:02 AM

Ahoy!  A BackerKit survey for your YOHO pledge is coming!

Soon, you’ll receive an email from us with a special link to your BackerKit survey. It’s important to respond to your survey as quickly as you can since we need this information to fulfil your reward.

You don’t need to create a BackerKit account to fill out your survey. When you receive the email with the survey, click the survey link to respond. Answer the questions about your reward preferences, provide shipping information, and purchase add-on items if you like. You don’t have access to this survey link yet, but it will be available soon via email!

After you respond to your survey, you can go back later and change your responses at any time before we close the surveys (22 November) and get our final counts.

If you need to review your information or pledge status, you can return to your survey by clicking the link in your survey email or requesting your survey link under "Lost your survey?" on our BackerKit project page.

If you used your Facebook credentials to log in to your Kickstarter account, the BackerKit survey is sent to the email address you use for your Facebook account.

All the best shipmate!


A big pirate thank you!
3 months ago – Tue, Oct 19, 2021 at 01:34:10 PM

Ahoy shipmates!

With less than 48 hours to go, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting the project with something tangible. Stretch goals be damned, this one is on me!

Kenneth Anderson has created two spectacular new pirates Black Caesar and Edward Low, andI’m getting them printed in the US as we speak. These limited-edition YOHO cards will only be available to loyal backers.  See the KS pageto check out the new artwork.

After the Eager Seadog pledges have been dispatched, we will send copies of YOHO from the first printing to everyone who has backed so far, so you shouldn’t have to wait until April next year to get your reward. If for any reason you’d prefer to wait until the next printing, please let me know. The content and quality of both printings will be exactly the same.

Thanks once again for being part of the best pirate crew on Kickstarter!


The Arrrrt of Piracy
4 months ago – Mon, Oct 11, 2021 at 11:09:15 AM

Ahoy shipmates!

Illustrator Kenneth Anderson has  kindly shared his concept sketches for our first stretch goal pirate, the legendary Black Caesar.  My sincere thanks to everyone who has come aboard so far - please share the project far and wide, so we can welcome Caesar to our crew in glorious full colour.  The limited addition card will not be included in the core game, so you'll be the envy of every seadog in the Caribbean!


Captain’s Log, Day 1
4 months ago – Thu, Oct 07, 2021 at 06:19:12 AM


We’ve been at sea for just over 24 hours, and we’ve already captured our first prize!

Thank you for being part of the crew that made this happen.

With our funding goal achieved, I’m happy to announce our first stretch goal – we will commission a new limited-edition card from ship’s artist Kenneth Anderson if we reach £3600. 

You’re a true pirate! Yoho!

Cap'n Rich